PHOENIXVILLE, Pa. (CBS) — A Montgomery County nonprofit is giving students a lift, literally. Nine-year-old Joan Ulloa has a talent for treads.

“I’m changing this tire for that bike,” Ulloa said.

On this day, he’s at an outdoor bike sale in Phoenixville. He and other young mechanics are fixing up donated bikes, to sell.

“We are providing funds for a nonprofit organization, donating bikes in Norristown,” 14-year-old Elijah Salas said.

“Kids in Norristown need some business guys to pay attention,” Steve Oliver with Zummo Bike said.

Oliver started giving refurbished bikes to Norristown Elementary School kids about seven years ago. He wanted to reward good attendance and hard work.

“We get kids back every year, and so they can trade their bike in and get another one if they like,” Oliver said.

He also started teaching some of the students the tricks of the trade, training them to fix bikes!

“I’ve been doing this for about half a year,” Elijah said. “It’s improved my strength in mechanical skills and definitely business as well.”

The budding mechanics, like 14-year-old Faisal Amodu, also get sales experience.

“First, you got to introduce yourself, obviously, get to know them a little bit,” Faisal said. “Can’t be uncomfortable. They’re trying to buy something from you.”

Part of the money raised at this bike sale is paying for a math enrichment program for some of the students, Mathnasium. It can cost $300 a month.

“We want all these kids to go to Ivy League schools, maybe,” Oliver said.

Oliver estimates Zummo Bike has given away more than 700 bikes in seven years, and he hopes to keep things rolling for a long time to come.

The kids held two bike sales this summer and sold almost 50 bikes.

To find out more or make a donation to Zummo Bike, click here.

Ukee Washington