TREVOSE, Pa. (CBS) — A dozen trees snapped like toothpicks all around Penn Valley Mobile Home Park after a tornado ripped through Thursday evening. The EF-3 tornado destroyed a nearby car dealership and cause devastation in the area.

The damage making a fact very clear: the residents here are very lucky no one was seriously hurt.

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“I started praying to God,” Sonal Patel tells CBS3. “I thought I was done.”

Residents tell Eyewitness News everything changed in an instant as the tornado moved to the Faulkner dealership. The mobile home park sits behind the dealership.

Trevor Quaintance describes the chaotic scene, saying, “All of a sudden, we started seeing a lot of things banging against the house.”

The wind and debris hitting the trailers, tearing the homes apart.

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“The houses were falling apart. Our neighbor down there said his shed flew over his house,” Quaintance says.

John Zeller was inside watching the Philadelphia Phillies game when the storm moved through.

“You just saw a lot of wind swirling as the funnel cloud was coming down,” Zeller says.

Now in the day after the terrifying moments, residents are cleaning the damage and counting their blessings.

“It could have been a lot worse, and I thank god because instead of going this way, it went that way,” Quaintance says, adding, “My house would have been destroyed.”

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The American Red Cross set up a shelter Friday at Neshaminy High School and will do so on Saturday.

Alicia Roberts