By Alecia Reid

LEWES, Del. (CBS) — Shore communities in Delaware are bracing for rough conditions as Tropical Storm Elsa approaches. The storm is slowly making its way here.

It started with ominous skies, and that was all the warning some folks needed.

Lifeguards in Rehoboth already started pulling chairs back to dune lines and preparing for the impending storm.

“We have equipment shacks that are on the beach that we’ve relocated to a wider part of the beach down south,” said Rehoboth Beach Patrol Chief Richard Szvitich.

The beach patrol is concerned about rip currents and tides.

“I’m hoping that it’s going to hit mostly overnight and start to slow down as the morning goes on but I’d expect even as it pulls away, we’ll still have waves so we’ll have rip conditions and surf issues to worry about,” Szvitich said.

Lewes is expected to be in the eye of the storm, so this region will be the first in the area to feel its effects.

“We’re just gonna kind of play it by ear, see what happens. If the weather’s bad in the morning, we’ll just pack up the car and sort of get ready to go. And if the weather’s decent, we’ll stick around for some sunshine if we can,” visitor Leslie Conrad said.

Locals here are used to preparing for storms. They have sandbags on deck and if necessary, boards for windows.

“Bring everything in, make everything safe. And just kind of board up the windows, put some sandbags out, make sure the store is safe and that everyone else is safe,” 2 Dips Manager Samantha Nichols said.

The Chapman family is in town to celebrate Kyhree Jr.’s 10th birthday.

“We’re not gonna let that dampen the weekend for his celebration. We’re gonna do what we can do,” Kyhree Chapman said.

“We’ll celebrate inside,” Kyhree Jr. said.

Now that’s the spirit. Winds in southern Delaware could begin as early as this evening into tonight.

For those wanting to leave the area, the last ferry out of Lewes on Thursday leaves at 7:45 p.m.