By Vittoria Woodill

AUDUBON, N.J. (CBS) — We continue to celebrate Pride month here at CBS3. In tonight’s Taste with Tori, a restaurant in Audubon is delivering food packed with flavor and a powerful message.

In Audubon, all eyes are on LesbiVeggies, where you can follow strong beautiful lines on the wall and move your fork around food that is just as beautiful, bold and global.

Sure, it’s plant-based, but really it’s just a wholesome helping of good stuff.

“People aren’t expecting it to taste normal, whatever that is. People leave here saying I had a really good experience, I had a really great plate of food,” Brennah Lambert said.

Brennah is 24 years old, a self-taught chef and the owner. Last year, LesbiVeggies opened and it’s a sure leap from the lids that were left behind.

“I was borrowing my grandmother’s Tupperware containers and giving people food that way so that fact that I’m doing this is pretty cool,” Lambert said.

At first, the name stuck out and because of that, Brennah said, some people felt more included.

Now, they’re known not just for their name but what they do so very very well.

Watch the video for more.

Vittoria Woodill