By Vittoria Woodill

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia has been home to the printing press businesses since the 1600s, but this year created serious challenges for many in the industry. In this week’s Open for Business segment, Vittoria Woodill introduces us to one business owner who is grateful to see his printing company begin to bounce back.

Since 2003, Northern Liberty Press has been making its mark — whether you know it or not — on your mail, on your lawn, on your door, on the road, and even on your table by printing their customer’s needs no matter the size alongside their union stamp.

“Our signature is the union label,” Ken Martz said.

Martz is president and founded and proof that the entrepreneurial spirit can find its way even in the face of adversity.

“I left high school with a child, so I had to go right to work. Skipped college, got a job at Lehigh Press, a printing company in Pennsauken,” Martz said. “I worked there for 16 years running these things and then in 1997 I got hit by a car in Center City, put me out of work for two years, really bad. And during those two years, I started selling print for a small company and I started this in 2003.”

“COVID was definitely the biggest hit we took. it came to a stop, literally a standstill,” Martz said.


Vittoria Woodill