By Howard Monroe

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The coronavirus pandemic could claim another piece of Philadelphia history. One of the city’s only kosher bakeries may have to close. Eyewitness News spoke to the baker behind the treats about the challenges they’re facing and what needs to happen for the shop to stay open.

“I’m a Philadelphian. I was born and raised here,” Homemade Goodies By Roz owner Roz Bratt said. “I love my city. I’m just really sad of what this pandemic has done.”

But love can only go so far, no matter how much Bratt loves serving her customers.

“Mom-and-pop bakeries are dying,” Bratt said, “and someday, people won’t know what a mom-and-pop bakery is.”

Based at 5th and South Streets in Queen Village, Homemade Goodies By Roz has been around for the past 24 years. It’s one of only three kosher bakeries in Philadelphia, and the only kosher bakery in Center City.

But Bratt says this may be her last. She says she can’t find workers.

“I don’t have help,” she said. “I had help. They went on to other jobs. It’s very sad.”

With the exception of one part-time employee, the 73-year-old is doing all the baking herself. She’s cut her hours and is now only open for retail on Fridays, so her customers can get baked goods ahead of the Sabbath. She says all she can do now is pray, hang a help-wanted sign in the front window and hope someone answers before she’s closed for good.

“It upsets me and being a small business owner, I’m doing the best that I can,” she said, “and hopefully, my customers will understand.”