By Matt Petrillo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — As the fallout from the ongoing pandemic continues, there’s now the potential for a gasoline shortage. Eyewitness News spoke to AAA on Thursday to find out if that shortage is expected to impact the Philadelphia region.

AAA Mid-Atlantic says there is not exactly a shortage of gasoline, just a shortage of fuel truck drivers in certain parts of the country.

As Larry Jackson of North Wales fuels up at a 7-Eleven gas station, he’s excited thinking about summer road trips.

“A nice peaceful trip to North Carolina with the family,” Jackson said.

But officials have a warning about the gasoline supply in certain parts of the country.

“A few stations could run low for a day or so,” AAA spokesperson Jana Tidwell said.

Tidwell says the Philadelphia area doesn’t have to worry about a shortage, however.

“We don’t anticipate that the Philadelphia area, the tri-state area, will see or feel any of this issue,” she said. “We anticipate that areas that are hotspots in terms of summer travel, potentially the Orlando area, Los Angeles, Las Vegas.”

And if it happens, it will be brief — only a day or two.

“There is plenty of gasoline in the U.S.,” Tidwell said, “And motorists should not panic at all.”

Drivers hope it doesn’t cause gas prices to increase even more.

“As you can see, $3:09 for regular,” Jackson said. “It’s going up. It seems like last week, I filled up, it was about $2.89. But, I mean, Memorial Day, that’s what happens.”

Officials add if people do start to panic buy that could drive up prices even more.