PHILADELPHIA (CBS)- Whenever a player goes from the college ranks to the pros, there’s an entirely new level of wealth that comes with it. Athletes choose to spend that money in various ways. For Eagles starting quarterback Jalen Hurts, the first thing that he did was go to the mall and buy some Philadelphia gear after indulging in the delight of a Philly cheesesteak from Larry’s.

“I got a Kobe one, I got an Eagles one, I have a Phillies one. All the Philadelphia gear I got probably added up to $1,000,” Hurts said in an interview with GQ Magazine.

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Hurts’ rookie deal is for four years and $6.02 million, according to the interview. After getting the Philly swag out of the way, Hurts told the magazine that he got some jewelry, a few chains and a bracelet because he “had never had a real chain like that.” In all Hurts said that he spent about $30,000 on fashion in his first year. But the biggest output money-wise for Hurts in his first year was charity, starting with a family that he helped give a good Christmas to.

“I actually met this family through Alex’s Lemonade Stand,” Hurts said. “I got to meet the family and got to meet Eric, who has a very rare cancer and he beat it. I told him, ‘is there anything you want that Santa couldn’t give you?’ He didn’t really have much so I told him I would see what Santa could do. That’s where I surprised him with a $30,000 check for a down payment on a new house.”

Hurts continued to go through the list of items he has already done with his money or how he’s looking at spending it and one of the biggest ways, aside from charity, was the quarterback said that he has set aside $70,000 for his sister, Kynnedy Hurts, to go to college.

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“I haven’t really talked about this one to anybody yet, not even my parents or my sister even. Just in case she needs it in the future, she’s 16 now and she’s going to go to college one day, she’s going to do great things,” Hurts said. “Just in case she needs it I have $70,000 set aside for her to go to college.”

Hurts also gave some tips on saving money which included the following:

  • Buy a used car or lease a car instead of buying a new one
  • Cook meals at home or, in Hurts’ case, take a few to-go plates home from the facility
  • Switch to an affordable phone plan
  • Hire local kid to cut your lawn

That last tip is one that Hurts is intimately familiar with in his own life as he said that he cut grass when he was younger.

“I used to cut grass, I started in like the sixth grade into high school. I put the equipment on my dad’s truck and told him, ‘I have to go cut a yard over here.’ I actually got stronger pushing that lawnmower too.”

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