By Vittoria Woodill

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Something’s brewing with Tori tonight. As part of her ongoing series highlighting small businesses, Vittoria Woodill took a coffee break at a local shop where community is always on the menu.

Coffee Cream and Dreams is located off Fairmount Avenue. It’s a coffee shop where you can feel time stand still while sipping fresh, hot coffee and maybe savoring a pastry or treat because you just feel in the moment.

It’s your morning spot, your afternoon spot and anytime in-between spot. Owners Sonya and Stephanie are ready to make your coffee, latte and just make life a little bit easier for you.

For both of them, they say it sure beats working.

“For a long time I wanted to open a coffee shop, like probably over 10 years,” said Stephanie. “So an opportunity presented itself through a voluntary layoff at my job so I was like oh, I’ll sign the paper, I’ll open up a coffee shop. I knew Sonya was looking for something to do because she was retiring so I just kind of texted her and said ‘Coffee Cream and Dreams?’ And she was like ‘Call me.'”

The hard part came when COVID-19 hit. But because of who they are and how they serve others, it didn’t stay too hard for too long.

“It was a challenge, but this neighborhood they support, support, support,” Stephanie said. “They were coming in and just buying gift cards or buying them and saying we’re not gonna spend it so the community here is great.”


Vittoria Woodill