By Alecia Reid

PARKSIDE BOROUGH, Pa. (CBS) — There are calls for a Parkside Borough councilman to resign over allegations that he posted on a website for swingers. Eyewitness News spoke to the councilman and other lawmakers.

Wednesday night’s Parkside Borough council meeting got heated over allegations that Councilman Scott Sidlow is a member of an alleged online swingers dating site. President Shirley Purcival called for his resignation over the allegations, which Sidlow says is not a public matter.

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The dispute was sparked by an anonymous letter to the council president, accusing Sidlow of soliciting opportunities for intimate encounters and to smoke marijuana in an online swingers club.

“For him to violate Pennsylvania laws and still want to be an elected official, that’s why myself and the majority of council has requested his resignation,” Purcival said.

Sidlow says no way. He admits to having had a profile and smoking marijuana.

“There’s nothing wrong or illegal. It’s just a way for people to meet and socialize,” Sidlow said.

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But the council president says that in itself is a breach of public trust, as public officials are held to a higher standard of conduct. There’s also concern the married couple has two children living in the home.

“I’m not going to put them in any kind of compromising position. My children didn’t know anything about smoking marijuana or about being a swinger until this week when Shirley Purcival brought it into my family’s life,” Sidlow said.

Sidlow believes this is a smear campaign that is politically motivated as he is the first Democratic member on the council. Mayor Thomas Deitman also believes Sidlow should resign.

“If he doesn’t resign, then he can remain on the council and the people will speak the next time he’s up for reelection,” Deitman said.

The council has also referred this matter to the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office. Margie McAboy, Director of Communications for the Delaware County District Attorney, says that there is an investigation pending.

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Although the council voted to have Sidlow step down, their decision is not final and voters will have their say in the upcoming primary election in May.