By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — In this week’s CBS3 Pet Project, animal advocate, Carol Erickson talked about adopting an older pet and cats in particular.  She gave provided information about adopting an older pet will also apply to dogs.

She says it’s just a lot of ease in her estimation to have an older pet in the house.

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Kittens and puppies are nonstop activity and you’re responsible for socializing, training, and making sure they’re not getting into mayhem.

You don’t have to be an older person to want an older pet, sometimes you just need a little quiet in your house and you’d love to have a low-key companion. An older cat is a good candidate for that as is an older dog.

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You’ll want to check them out of course ahead of time.  There will also be accommodations you’ll want to make for these animals.

With an older pet, maybe they’ve got arthritis, maybe you get pet stairs or a little ramp they can use to get up so they can get on the window perch.

Maybe even a horizontal scratcher versus vertical scratcher because that is going to be a lot easier for the older pet to be able to handle.

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Watch the video to see this week’s full segment.