By Alecia Reid

RIDLEY PARK, Pa. (CBS) — A Capitol riot suspect from Delaware County is now charged with storming the building after he was turned in by his ex-girlfriend. Like a number of previous arrests related to the insurrection, it was someone close to Richard Michetti that turned him in, and all the evidence came from his cellphone.

Michetti’s ex-girlfriend called law enforcement the day after the insurrection and reported him. She later provided the FBI with text messages and video sent by him.

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“In a lot of these arrests in the Capitol rioters, we’ve seen people who were turned in and tipped off by close associates, even family members,” Cassidy McDonald with CBS News said.

Through their research, authorities were able to identify the Delaware County man in the crowd on Capitol grounds and also inside the Capitol.

In his text messages, he called himself and other rioters, “patriots, not revolutionaries.”

Those detailed messages became a record of his every step to Washington, D.C., and eventually into the U.S. Capitol, including when Michetti got teargas in his eyes.

“He told her you’re a moron if you don’t believe that the election was stolen,” McDonald said.

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During their investigation, the FBI confirmed the hotel Michetti stayed during his trip, which was about a block from Capitol grounds.

In federal court, he is facing a number of charges including being on restricted buildings or grounds, disorderly conduct and criminal entry. We spoke with Michetti on the phone and he had no comment on his arrest.

“It’s entirely possible that more evidence will become available and his charges will become more serious,” McDonald said.

He has been released on $250,000 bail and is on house arrest at his Ridley Park home.

There are conditions. He must submit to random drug testing and refrain from excessive use of alcohol or any narcotics. He must surrender his passport and any firearms, and cannot contact co-defendants or witnesses. Michetti is also banned from Washington, D.C.

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Michetti’s next court date is Monday at 1 p.m. That will be a video appearance.