By Greg Argos

WAYNE, Pa. (CBS) — In our region, Wayne is one of the areas that received the most snow — some 10-plus inches over the past 24 hours during this storm. We caught up with people who were scraping and shoveling their sidewalks and driveways, but now the concern is what’s leftover is freezing and creating dangerous and slick conditions.

Throughout Wayne, there was a race against time as contractors and homeowners alike rushed to clear the slushy snow before it turned rock solid.

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“This is our second time out here,” Kieran Sheridan said. “We tried to catch it before it got bad, but now, it’s turning into ice, which makes it a little harder.”

Sheridan and his family, buried under a blanket of snow, are definitely thinking about the dog days of summer.

“This is the most snow I’ve seen in a long time, and clearly it’s not stopping,” Sheridan said. “It’s like the third storm we’ve had already.”

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Throughout Wayne, our cameras rolled as sub-contractors rushed to clear paths and make walkways as safe as possible, but for those committed to their goals.

“This was part of my New Year’s resolution,” Noah Buzinkai said. “I said I was going to run every day this year.”

The slippery conditions were no excuse for ending that streak.

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“Today is definitely a short day for me because the roads are a little sketchy,” Buzinkai said. “A little scared running, just taking my time making sure my steps land nicely and there is no ice on the ground. There have been some slips and slides, but just taking it easy.”