By Joe Holden

CHERRY HILL, N.J. (CBS) — South Jersey residents spent Wednesday getting all of the staples ahead of another dance with “Old Man Winter.” Outside the Home Depot in Cherry Hill, not surprisingly, the store has moved on. Lawnmowers and annuals have given winter the cold shoulder.

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A man from the Poconos in town visiting his mother will set you straight on the psychology of motoring through a snowy winter.

“I live with it. It’s fun to shovel that first time and that second time you might want to sled a little bit, then the third time you don’t want to do it anymore. Fourth time, you get a snowblower and then the next two years it won’t snow anymore,” Christopher Dorr said.

A stop at the salt shed was mandatory for this South Jersey CBS3 crew.

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They filled a couple of trucks and gave us the plan of attack come morning.

“We have over 1,000 tons of salt in the barns so we’re ready to go, we’ve been replenishing all week. The crews are ready to go and we just simply ask people to just stay off the road and allow them to do their jobs,” Camden County Commissioner Al Dyer said.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Payne from Maple Shade explained she doesn’t shovel when it snows. She has other ideas.

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“Well, I haven’t been shoveling it, I spray-paint it. It’s fun, I did the Eagles and I was doing like rollercoasters just to make it fun. Just for fun,” Payne said.