By Jessica Kartalija

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There’s a theory that all human beings are just six or fewer connections away from each other. In Hollywood, you have six degrees of Kevin Bacon, where every actor has some connection to him.

But we all have something in common with Bacon — he has a deep love of Philadelphia, family and giving back. Tonight, Jessica Kartalija chats with Bacon.

Kartalija: You grew up in the heart of Philadelphia.

Bacon: I loved growing up in Center City. I’m old enough that it was that era where I would come home, and drop my books off and go out on the street and have to be home for dinner. We played football and basketball and roller hockey and ran around the neighborhood. It was great.

Kartalija: When you see the skyline and the layout of this city, do you feel a sense of pride for all that your dad did?

Bacon: Yeah, I’m very proud of him. You know he made that city his life’s blood. I remember him dragging me around as a little kid and saying, ‘You know, this is going to be a greenway, this is going to be a space where people are going to be able to walk and enjoy being in nature and stuff.’ His passion for the city and for city planning was really remarkable and admirable. He did get a lot done.

So, we had to try the Bacon theory. Turns out, Ukee Washington is related to Denzel Washington, who was in the movie “Philadelphia” with Tom Hanks. Hanks was in Apollo 13 with Bacon.

Jess was in the movie “Transformers.” Mark Wahlberg was in “Transformers.” He also starred in “Patriots Day” with Bacon!

Watch the video for more from Jess’s chat with Kevin Bacon.

Jessica Kartalija