By Kimberly Davis

LOWER MERION TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — A Montgomery County mother is sharing how a police officer went above and beyond the call of duty during her child’s medical emergency.

“We were having a normal day. We were playing dress-up, we were dancing. We were playing with Magna Tiles,” mother Maggie Corrado said.

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It was supposed to be a normal girls’ day, snowed in at the house. But things quickly took a turn for the worse Monday when Corrado’s 4-year-old daughter Mason said she wasn’t feeling well.

“She went to the bathroom and a couple of minutes later, my husband called me in because he said she was talking funny,” Corrado said.

And as a parent, things only got more frightening from there. Mason was having a seizure.

“I was saying ‘Mason, Mason!’ I kind of shook her and I said ‘look at me, look at me,’ and she just wouldn’t. When she did look at me she had just such a far-off look and she just wasn’t there,” Corrado said.

That’s when she called 911. Multiple Lower Merion officers showed up at her home, but one officer left a lasting impression on the family.

“I said to him thank you, just through my hysterics. He just looked at me and he said ‘I have five daughters,’ and I just knew with him saying that, that it meant I understand,” Corrado said.

But the officer’s work didn’t stop there. Ultimately, Mason was transported to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where doctors say the 4-year-old will be fine.

The family got home Tuesday with a surprise visit from a man in blue.

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“He brought over a gift bag of different unicorn things — a unicorn stuffed animal, a unicorn bathrobe and some candy,” Corrado said.

It’s a simple gesture that brought some light to a family in one of their darkest hours.

“Having a stranger do something like that really just shows that there is this kindness out there that we forget sometimes,” Corrado said.

Unfortunately, Officer Aluise was not able to join us for tonight’s piece. Corrado wanted to again thank him for his kindness and being there for her family.


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Kimberly Davis