By Vittoria Woodill

CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa. (CBS) — Eyewitness News is continuing a brand new series spotlighting small businesses in our area called Open for Business. We understand that small businesses are the backbones of our communities and we are committed to showing our support by featuring a place to stop and shop small every Tuesday.

Vittoria Woodill kicks things off in style.

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Does anyone remember getting fitted for their school shoes? Well if you’re from Conshohocken, odds are the place you went before you skipped into school was Flocco’s! They’ve been around for quite a while and they’re still kicking!

If you’re looking for the perfect fit, Flocco’s in Conshohocken has been sizing and styling 1926.

It started out as a small shoe repair shop, and eventually got its legs when Vince’s father, Vince Sr., stepped in. His vision is what helped this family survive almost a century in business.

“My father told us you have to be diversified,” Vince said.

So they’ve grown to sell the gamut — from saddles to scrubs, sweet kicks for the kids, and plenty of green for screaming “Iggles” fans.

But more importantly, during COVID, when their biggest seasons like prom, wedding, and back to school we’re all crushed, they had something else to sell besides shoes.

“Friends of mine who are just strictly in children’s shoes they’re out of business, they couldn’t survive on that. This year, at least the construction business wasn’t going out. That was probably our busiest segment. It kept us going but when it went down in March, we had more refunds going out the first month, month-and-a-half than we had income coming in,” Vince said.

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Carrying over is one thing but how will they carry on? Vince’s answer to that is pretty simple. It started with them and it could end with us unless we step up.

“We helped establish Reebok, Addidas and all. It was us, the small business people, that put their products in our stores and sold them and developed their brand. And that’s what’s frustrating how many businesses are failing and it’s not because they don’t want to work, it’s not because they’re not doing the right type of structure, it’s because people have a different mentality and people say it’s easier to do things online. Well, you drive to the restaurants, put that time to go to a retail business in your community and give them a little bit,” Vince said.

So be sure to get out there and pay Flocco’s a visit. They’ll be happy to see you! Also, be sure to tune into CBS3 at 5 p.m. Thursday for another Taste With Tori Open For Business as I revisit a small family Chinese restaurant in Ardmore called Hunan that’s for sure a local gem.

Watch the video for more.


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Vittoria Woodill