By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A lot of dogs do not want to go outside when it is raining. If you have a dog or cat that you take out for the bathroom you may have realized that when it rains they have a reluctance to go out. So, what do you do? How do you get out in the rain to do their business to get him out the front door?

Animal advocate Carol Erickson joined Eyewitness News with some tips.

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First, never show impatience, when your dog doesn’t want to go out, dragging them by the leash is not going to work because it’s going to make it harder the next time because they’ll get anxious and they will resist even more.

Even though you are irritated by this, don’t show impatience.

Behaviorists at Tufts University say one reason dogs don’t want to go out is that they may dislike the feeling of the wet sidewalks or wet grass on the soles of their paws, more on than even the rain on their backs.

They suggest trying rain boots and if you’re going that route, try them in the house a little bit first so they get used to them.

Also, some dogs dislike getting their heads wet more than bodies wet.  So sometimes a rain jacket with a hood can be something to try.

Then you try that with a treat in the house, this gets them to use it before you’re racing them out the door trying to get them out in the morning.

Also, maybe the easiest thing you can possibly do is get a giant umbrella.  It’s not really to shield you, it’s to shield them. Make it goes over them so they get the idea, hey it’s raining everywhere but over me, so dogs will appreciate that.

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Another thing is when you come in from being outside or being cold and wet, there is nothing like a big fluffy towel, it’s the same thing for your dog.

So rub him down with a big towel, let him know that this great bonding experience is coming after the walk and even hang the towel near the door so that they know when they go out on a rainy day they are going to get that when they get back inside.

Treats with dogs always a winner, give him a treat the second you get him out the door on a rainy day when they don’t want to go. Give them a second after they finish their business for cooperating.

Watch the video for this week’s full segment.


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