By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — In the wake of last week’s violence at the Capitol, security is being increased across the nation ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s Inauguration. J.J. Klaver, a retired FBI special agent joined Eyewitness News This Morning Thursday to offer some insight into what security measures we may see in the week ahead.

Klaver says that law enforcement officers will not only be looked to see if there are groups traveling to the U.S. Capitol, but also to state capitols across the country.

Credit: CBS3

They will also be looking into how they can increase security, parameters, and make sure the people inside the buildings are safe.

Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware are among the states who have sent National Guard Members to Washington D.C. to help assist law enforcement with security and safety over the next week.

“Typically those National Guard troops deployed in these kind of special circumstances, I think, you know, the U.S. Capitol and around D.C., we will see them securing outer parameters of locations and buildings,” Klaver said. “You will see some presence inside. But inside particularly the U.S. Capitol that’s going to be the Capitol Police primarily. I think what we will see is those troops use to secure outer parameters to keep people away from buildings and keep those areas secure.”



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