PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Many are asking, what does the storming of the U.S. Capitol building mean for the future of American democracy? One local nonpartisan organization says it doesn’t matter if you call it a protest or a coup, these people disrupted free and fair elections in the United States.

“I’m appalled, I’m sad, I’m angry,” Committee of Seventy President and CEO David Thornburgh said.

Americans on both sides of the aisle share these share sentiments after witnessing a mob of Trump supporters swarm into the United States Capitol building wreaking havoc.

“The president by just repeating this nonsense that he lost the election was in and of itself further inciting the kind of action that’s taking place at the Capitol.,” Thornburgh said.

It’s not just Americans watching in fear. Eyes around the world witnessed the chaos unfold in the nation’s capital, so how can America recover from this?

“What we need here is a few good people to do something, to lead by example,” Thornburgh said. “To forcefully push back against this kind of behavior.”

Many are hoping that the goodness and fairness of the American people will rise to the occasion, but Thornburgh said let this be a reminder that words matter and to hold people accountable for what is said.

“It’s not good enough now to say well ‘gee, I had no idea this was going to happen.’ Now, we’ve really got to do something about it,” Thornburgh said, “particularly to those people whose words fanned the flames that we’re now seeing today.”

CBS News is reporting cabinet secretaries discussed Wednesday evening removing the president via the 25th Amendment.


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