By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — As the calendar turns to 2021, we all have resolutions for the new year. The same should go for our pets.

Animal advocate Carol Erickson joined Eyewitness News with some tips on some pet resolutions.

These can be things that maybe we haven’t previous years but we can change our ways and do something a little bit better.

One resolution could be more exercise and more walks. So, to the extent, you can get them out for more. Let them sniff the ground because that’s what they really enjoy as well.

You use your eyes and look around and just kind of enjoy things and enjoy this bonding moment together with your pet.

If you have a cat, one of the great things getting an interactive toy that triggers their predatory drive.

This can be a laser pointer or one of those fishing poles with something on the end.

That is something that will help you definitely bond.

Also, health make sure you keep up with your pet’s vaccinations every year and get to the vet for a yearly vet check.

If your dog or cat has ear problems, get it handled before it gets worse.

Hot spots you see excessive licking that sort of thing make sure you get them comfortable. There are lots of new medications out there to help you with any of it and it’s so important for their well-being.

Erickson also says to yell less and praise more set your animals up for success.

If you know your dog always gets the garbage put the garbage away.

She also recommends doing positive training with your pet.

Another recommendation is measuring your pet’s food, along with updating that id on your pets because you want to make sure your current phone number is there.


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