By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Most people want to get a dog that gets along well with other dogs. But that is never a guarantee because some dogs early in their life may have had some kind of a problem and they have fear-based aggression towards other dogs.

Experts say that you cannot cure this fear-based aggression, but you can help it with some steps.

And it would make life a lot easier for you and your dog if you can sort of cool some of the fear that your dog might find that they experience when they around other dogs.

Erickson says this is a problem that you can encounter but you can help is fear. It’s not nastiness or meanness, these animals are afraid.

You can make it worse by yelling.

So, try to treat them more compassionately instead of yanking on the leash and screaming and yelling.

She says that you can’t solve the problem by putting a scared dog in with another dog either.

That is called “flooding” and that can really make things worse.

Erickson suggests avoiding off-leash places and instead orchestrate some planned meetings.

Gradual introductions with dogs you know are gentle.

And when your dog not overreacting give them treats and a lot of praise because your dog will not snap out of it and get over it.

She also suggests using a head halter or a body harness that can redirect your dog’s attention easily without yanking right on the neck all the time.

Another thing that could help is a little bit lower protein on the dog’s food.

Also, plenty of exercise can help tamp down some of the agitations that they can get.

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