By Alecia Reid

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The storm is also leaving its mark on Philadelphia and South Jersey. Some are seeing snow, rain and everything in between.

This storm has brought a whole lot of happiness and excitement, but on the other hand, it’s also causing some grief.

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As the steady downpour continues Wednesday night, plow trucks in Cherry Hill work to keep parking lots and streets clear.

“It’s definitely slippery out here.” Hammonton resident AJ Prince said. “Earlier on the way here I almost hit a car but you gotta work your way out of it.”

All this precipitation means a well-needed paycheck for some.

“With all the COVID stuff, it’s nice to be working outside and getting some air and all that,” Hamm0nton resident Jeff Haak said.

While the city works on safety, children at Clark Park in West Philly have been making the best of the first snow day they’ve seen in years.

“Really, really fun going down the hill and it was amazing,” Zoya Dewari said.

Whether creating snow angels, building a snowman or surviving a snowball fight, “it’s right on time,” Charlie Ravoteau said. “Kids needed to get out and have some fun, especially after the year they’ve had.”

“This is awesome. This seems pretty COVID-safe,” Maria said.

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After all, regardless of how it looks, it’s never too cold to play in the snow.

In North Philly, people were out and about, bundled up and running errands.

Roads are messy. Commuters are being advised to take public transportation instead of driving.

“It’s definitely not safe to drive in,” Prince said.

The snow is still coming down so please be careful if you do decide to drive.

In Philadelphia, trains and trollies will continue to run underground overnight.


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