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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Why do knocks at the door and doorbell rings drive a dog crazy? Well because it signals something exciting is on the other side of the door and every animal is very interested in what’s over there.

Animal advocate Carol Erickson joined Eyewitness News with some tips.

It’s sort of how we feel when somebody comes to the door we feel the very same thing.

Dogs are territorial, we all pretty much know that and they have learned that somebody coming on their property means something.

A fearful dog might be very worried about what does that person mean for me? What is going on? What does it mean for the serenity of my home where a confident dog might think somebody is coming over to play, I can handle this.

It may be that friend or that person that comes over a lot. So it is something that’s really individual to the dog.

It seems odd more fearful the dog is louder and stronger reaction may be at the door. So, you may be able to quiet down a little a confident dog a bit faster than you could a fearful dog.

But both dogs can be quieted down.

Yes, that sound is very annoying, especially when you know that it’s just the same person that comes over every day at the same time. But to your dog and they may get the idea that somebody comes over at the same time it still sets them barking.

You can do a lot to lower their intensity by simply lowering your own intensity. I know it’s irritating.

Some things to remember to help with this is practice with a bag of treats, keep the door mostly open and have somebody out there ringing when the dog does not react you give them a little bit of a treat.

You can gradually over time close that door a little bit more, a little bit more. Again you are treating them when they don’t react.

Even if you don’t have some person to play the role of the doorbell ringer, you can record a doorbell sound and practice that way.

Some of the things you’ll want to remember is that a ringing doorbell sends a signal that something exciting and/or scary is about to happen.

Fearful dogs may be reacting more to this.

Confident dogs are going to be easier to train out of it.

Watch the video for this week’s full segment.


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