By Alecia Reid

HADDONFIELD, N.J. (CBS) — Although fewer people are shopping in person this holiday weekend. Some shoppers are making the effort to support small local businesses.

This isn’t like any Black Friday we’ve seen in recent years. There are a lot fewer people out and about, but one thing we’ve seen is people out supporting local businesses.

The festive feeling is undeniable.

“Seeing these decorations gets everyone happy,” said Cece Benn of Haddonfield.

And what other way to celebrate than to go shopping on Black Friday.

“We do really like to support small businesses,” said Ann Kribel.

Families have been strolling into shops looking for great deals and gift ideas.

Although it’s been a tough year for shop-owners in downtown Haddonfield, they completely understand the need for sales.

Diane DiDonato owns The Family Jewels, the smallest store in town.

“Everything is at least 20% off, other things are 30 and 40% off,” she said.

In addition to sales, stores have heartfelt notes to potential customers.

It hasn’t been an easy year and heading into the holiday season has been scary.

“When [Gov. Phil Murphy] announced last Monday that there were more restrictions, it definitely took a dive. It’s starting to pick up again and we hope it stays that way,” Lisa Netz from The Lavish Loft said.

“They’re having a hard enough time during this COVID issue it’s harder for them,” said Monica Lee.

Although it’s not the hustle and bustle we’re used to seeing, people are out shopping.

With caution, social distancing still applies in every store, as well as mandatory masks and sanitizing stations throughout.

“We said if it got too crowded we’d leave but the stores are being safe and everyone is wearing masks,” Sheila Thomas said.

“We’re trying to do as much with small businesses this year than online. Sure, we’ll supplement with online but we want to make sure we support local downtowns,” Patty Mikolajczak said.

Between online, big box and mom and pop stores, it’s great to see shoppers mixing things up and supporting the local economy.


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