By Kimberly Davis

HADDONFIELD, N.J. (CBS) — What’s normally the busiest shopping day of the year was scaled down this year as coronavirus cases spike in the Delaware Valley and nationwide. Crowds were thinner on this Black Friday, but there were still people looking for bargains.

The coronavirus pandemic didn’t keep Black Friday shoppers away. Those shopping in the Cherry Hill Mall said there were long lines. Eyewitness News spoke with shoppers about the deals and how it compared to years past.

“They had better sales last year,” Haashim Miler, of Pennsauken, said. “Now, it’s just like 30% off the whole store.”

Those shopping at the big box stores for Black Friday were a little disappointed with the deals.

“It was a lot of people and there wasn’t really that many sales,” Jazmine Ingraham, of Sicklerville, said. “I would have stayed home if I knew.”

Cherry Hill Mall shoppers said the pandemic may have played a role in this year’s deals, but COVID-19 didn’t keep shoppers away.

“I probably wouldn’t come again,” Ingraham said. “If I did come, it would be earlier as opposed to later because there was a lot of people and I was ready to get out right away.”

Over in Haddonfield, people took advantage of Haddonfield Candlelight Shopping and spent their money supporting small businesses.

“These small companies are family owned and we want to help the families,” Dominic Larattea, of Philadelphia, said. “They want to put food on their table for the holiday season and buy Christmas presents for the kids, so why not help them out?”

With the holiday season in full effect, small businesses are seeing a much-needed uptick in revenue.

“It’s been very, very steady,” English Gardener Gift Shop Owner Gary Coleman said, “but not insane like it has been in previous years where we had lines out the door. We’re practicing the social distancing.”

Small business owners in Haddonfield are especially thankful for those who shop locally.

“My hats are off to our customers who really helped us out this year,” Coleman said. “We really, really appreciate it.”

Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday, which is the busiest day of the year for small businesses. They’re hoping people will continue to support them.


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Kimberly Davis