By Alexandria Hoff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Pregnancy during the coronavirus pandemic. For those expecting or those who’ve delivered a child this year, the experience can be challenging, even amid the most joyous times. That’s why CBS3’s Alexandria Hoff and Vittoria Woodill wanted to share their own stories on becoming new moms during this unprecedented time.

For eight strange months, life’s monumental moments have involved distance.

For Hoff’s own pregnancy announcement, she wasn’t able to hug her parents. Like many, she still hasn’t.

But we have all learned that connection is still possible. 

“Do you feel like, cuter pregnant?” Woodill asked.

“No,” Hoff said.

Over a rather iffy Zoom connection, Hoff checked in with Woodill and if you haven’t heard, the spicy, sweet, always tasteful Tori, is now a mom. She was due about three months before Hoff, which was during the initial height of the pandemic. Woodill rocked CBS3’s SummerFest at Home.

Masked up, Hoff has continued to report from the field.

It’s two different pandemic pregnancy experiences with the same goal in mind.

On Sept. 3, Woodill and her husband welcomed baby Louisa.

“I felt so good when I was in the hospital,” she said.

About two or three days after returning home, though, that feeling changed.

“I was so sad that logically my brain could not understand why I was feeling this way at what everyone else says is the happiest time of their life,” Woodill said in an Instagram post.

She was dealing with symptoms of postpartum depression.

“I’ve never experienced something so hard in my life,” she said.

Knowing other new moms might feel isolated in this, she opened up about the experience on social media.

“Maybe the reason why I felt so sad then was to share this with other people so they didn’t feel alone,” Woodill said.

Each postpartum response is different. In Woodill’s case, she said her emotional well-being improved when she eased up on breastfeeding.

For Hoff, it is the virus that changed this world that has packed the biggest pregnancy punch so far.

“Hey guys, I’m about two-and-a-half weeks out now from my due date and last week, my husband and I, we tested positive for COVID-19. Luckily, our symptoms have been mostly mild but we’ve definitely had some scary moments.” Hoff said.

So, hugging their parents will still have to wait.

“If COVID wasn’t here, my door would have just been open and closing,” Woodill said.

Woodill and Hoff have been lucky. They agree their pregnancies have been easy, all considering, but what has been made clear is that.

However iffy it may be over Zoom, connections are healing and becoming a mom always has been and always will be hard.


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