HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Pennsylvania’s highest-ranking law enforcement official said Thursday that more than a week after Election Day he still has not seen any indication there was widespread voter fraud. Democratic Attorney General Josh Shapiro, elected to a second term last week, said lawyers for the Republican Party and President Donald Trump also haven’t produced any evidence of it in the swirl of litigation they’re pursuing.

“Certainly if there was some, we would be on it immediately or our law enforcement partners would be on it immediately,” Shapiro said. “I’ve seen a lot of tweets about it, I’ve seen a lot of public statements about it, but we’ve seen absolutely no evidence of it.”

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He said people should not think that the litigation will reverse the voting results.

’The will of the people is going to be respected in the final certified vote total,” he said.

Shapiro also says lawmakers in the Republican-majority General Assembly lack legal authority to attempt to replace Democrat Joe Biden’s Electoral College voters, as some have speculated.

The attorney general said he knows of no efforts by the president or his allies to attempt to flip Biden’s 20 designated electors, a group of party stalwarts and elected Democrats.

The electors are due to convene in Harrisburg in about a month.

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“That’s the way the process works, that is legally binding, and lawmakers have zero authority at this point to change that,” he said.

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