By CBS3 Staff

TRENTON, N.J. (CBS) — COVID-19 cases are skyrocketing all over the area with some of the highest numbers seen during the pandemic. Pennsylvania, Delaware and Philadelphia are all considering new restrictions to try to reign in those numbers.

New Jersey has already announced they are tightening restrictions again. New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy joined CBS3 on Tuesday.

Q: New Jersey was on the right track but now cases are going up. What do you attribute the recent rise in cases to?

A: A number of things. First and foremost actually, private settings including inside your own house with your own family we know is a big source of spreading and transmission. I was on the phone with Tony Fauci the other day and he said that’s a nationwide phenomenon. There’s a lot of COVID fatigue, which we have to push back on.

And the other piece of this — and this relates to the steps we’re taking — to put it bluntly, you have restaurants late at night that are morphing into clubs, people letting their hair down. So, we’re gonna shut indoor dining at 10 p.m., take away bar seating and hopefully that will be a step in the right direction.

Q: You have announced new restrictions going into effect this week. This is necessary for people’s safety, but what about business owners who believe they may not be able to survive this?

A: We have nothing but sympathy for their plight. One point I would make is please God, can we get another big federal stimulus bill, a big chunk of which should be going to small businesses, especially the restaurant and hospitality industry.

Q: What’s your advice for people who want to spend the holidays with family?

A: Please keep it small and stay within your own bubble, stay within the folks who you’re living with, which is typically gonna be your family. And I know that stinks, I get that as well, but one of the ways we get back to a normal holiday season next year is if we pay a price upfront this year. And we gotta plead with folks to do the best they can and keep it small and do the right things even if it’s small when they’re together.


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