By Dan Koob

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Fly to the polls — that’s the message some Philadelphia Eagles players have for voters today. It is the player’s turn to cheer on their fans as several Eagles did today as people waited in line to cast their ballots.

It’s the only day this year you can replace E-A-G-L-E-S with something else.

“I want everyone cheering vote, vote, vote,” Al Thomas said.

Rodney McLeod and many of his Eagles teammates loaded onto a double-decker bus on Election Day, bound for several polling places.

“The climate our country is in and just the importance of voting, man. Like I said, we want to save the change the masses and get people to think about voting,” McLeod said.

They served up drinks and prizes to those waiting.

“A lot of them do good community service work but this being the most important election of our lifetime, this kinda connection is great,” state Sen. Vincent Hughes said.

Rookie quarterback Jalen Hurts was among many of McLeod’s teammates along for the ride, including defensive tackle Malik Jackson.

“It’s a day off for us. Coach blessed us and allowed us to take care of our bodies but today is a huge day for America. If you’re not doing nothing, this is where you should be,” Jackson said.

“The Eagles are good but I want everyone to come out and vote. We need your vote today,” Thomas said.

Eleven stops were scheduled in West, North and South Philly.

As even on their bye week, the Eagles are making it a point to do their civic duty.

“It’s kinda weird, you know. It’s not nerve-racking. It’s exciting but it’s weird. I told myself today you have to own whatever the results are,” said Jackson.

Polls in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware close at 8 p.m. Stay with CBS3, CBSN Philly, and the CBS Philly app for exclusive local reaction and live results.


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