PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia City Council members are holding a hearing Tuesday regarding legislation that would ban police use of “less lethal” munitions following recent demonstrations and other activity that is protected by the first amendment. Councilmember Helen Gym introduced the bill that is co-sponsored by every member of the Public Safety Committee.

The legislation comes after city council held hearings last week which consisted of 38 residents of West Philadelphia, and demonstrators on Interstate 676 testified about the harm and trauma they suffered which largely came from police using “less lethal” munitions such as tear gas, rubber bullets and pepper spray.

They demanded a new model for public safety through a process that prioritizes the voices and experiences of Philadelphians.

National experts on police reform, health experts, faith leaders, residents who are directly impacted and city officials are expected to attend today’s hearing.

Click here to watch the Philadelphia City Council hearing. 


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