By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany says there are logistical problems with President Donald Trump traveling as soon as Saturday. In her only Pennsylvania interview Friday, she told CBS3 medical reporter Stephanie Stahl that the president is fine and ready to go.

McEnany was evasive on specifics, but she said there will be metrics proving the president is not contagious before he travels.

She’s among many close to the president who has tested positive, and McEnany, who revealed her diagnosis Monday, says she’s still in quarantine.

“I’m 100% feeling well and symptom-free,” McEnany said.

McEnany tested positive for COVID-19 on Oct. 5, days after Trump revealed he also has the virus. She says he’s fine now and eager to get back on the campaign trail.

“If he is fine, why not just release the pertinent medical information? Why isn’t the White House being more transparent?” Stahl asked.

“I spoke to the president yesterday four times. He sounded great,” McEnany said. “We believe we’ve released, since his positive diagnosis everyday, issuing statements about his various levels and metrics from Dr. Sean Conley. We will be transparent as we move forward.”

McEnany said metrics that test for the virus would be released before the president travels, but, she said, not being a doctor, she didn’t have details.

“Many doctors feel he has done a disservice to the country by downplaying the risk of this virus, a virus that has now killed 211,000 Americans. Why does the president continue to ignore science and medical advice?” Stahl asked McEnany.

“We don’t believe the president ignored science. The president tries to instill calm in the American people at a time when we face a global pandemic. The president has paved the way, millions of lives have been saved thanks to what he has done,” McEnany said.

“Respectfully, many disagree with that and say lives were lost because of what the president did,” Stahl said.

“We believe the president’s results speak for themselves,” McEnany responded back.

“We have the situation inside the White House where there is an outbreak. Some say that’s an example of how the administration has mishandled this,” Stahl said.

“No, it’s an example that this is a disease that plagues many. Look, when you blame the White House, when you blame President Trump, when you blame me, you’re also blaming the 7 million-plus Americans who got COVID-19 through no fault of their own,” McEnany responded.

Unlike President Trump, McEnany says she is staying isolated and hasn’t seen her 10-month-old daughter since she was diagnosed.

Stephanie Stahl