By Dan Koob

EVESHAM, N.J. (CBS) — New Jersey is conducting the 2020 election almost entirely by mail, and counties across the state are already sorting ballots as they are returned by voters. As the presidential election draws closer, New Jersey wants voters to feel comfortable and confident in voting by mail.

Mail-in balloting is just one of four ways to vote in New Jersey, but in 2020, it’s becoming a necessity for some.

“We’re anticipating a little over 200,000, close to 400,000 already been sent out,” Sarah Booker, with the Camden County Board of Elections, said.

In Gloucester Township, Camden County’s sorting machine has plenty of work to do — spinning, scanning and sorting your mail. It will help to simplify and expedite the process by reading the barcode on your packet and making sure it gets into the right town.

The county will begin official counting ballots 10 days before the Nov. 3 election.

“No ballot is ever handled without a Democrat and Republican present,” Booker said. “We do keep everything locked. You’ll see an extensive cage system — a vault within a cage. Everything’s locked up whenever we’re not available to be with the ballots.”

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“I’m supremely confident. We’re pushing the United States Postal Service to be as big and strong as they can be,” Gov. Phil Murphy said.

Murphy addressed perceived concerns over mail-in balloting in Evesham Township on Friday after the Department of Justice filed charges against a mail carrier for allegedly discarding mail and nearly 100 ballots into a dumpster in northern New Jersey.

“My view is that the system’s working, the system’s working,” Murphy said. “Just like the Paterson example you guys asked about, that tells me it works. People try to screw with it and they get caught, and that’s the way it should be.”

The governor says, even if you don’t like mail-in balloting, there are four ways to cast your vote in the upcoming election. One of them is the old-fashion way, showing up at the polls.