By Matt Petrillo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A violent wreck on the Ben Franklin Parkway left one man dead and a woman hurt on Friday morning.  Police say the Volkswagen was speeding down Vine Street and may have swerved to avoid cones in the road that leads to the homeless encampment.

That’s when the vehicle lost control on the Parkway by 20th Street around 4:30 a.m. Tire marks have been left on the road and car parts are still scattered after crashing into a tree and light pole.

Police say a 20-year-old man died in the crash but it’s not known if he was the driver or not.

Police also say a 20-year-old female passenger was injured and is in stable condition. Two others in the car were not injured.

Police say drag racing did not take place and it involved a group of people who were loosely acquainted. Witnesses told police that three vehicles were involved.

Police say the cones “may have played a role in it.” The cones were placed there to prevent people from driving into the homeless encampment.

People who live nearby say drivers often speed on the Parkway.

“People are driving too fast for the conditions and it makes it hard to enjoy this area. This is kind of our front yard,” said Mary Arnold of Fairmount.

“Plus it’s dangerous for pedestrians and bicyclists to get hit,” Jerry Arnold said. “Probably not going to stop.”

Police are continuing to investigate the deadly crash.