By Kimberly Davis

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — On the heels of what was another violent day in the city that saw a man and 16-year-old boy killed in separate shootings in Philadelphia, and a 12-year-old boy injured in a shooting earlier in the day, a community held a peace walk, praying for the violence to stop.

City officials and clergy teamed up with police to address the violence in the city of Philadelphia.

It was a small group, but their message packed a mighty punch.

“This nonsense has to stop. We’re in this together,” one person said.

Dozens marched for peace through Kingsessing Monday afternoon, declaring that the gun violence must stop and it’s time to take back the streets.

“Put down those guns! Pick up a book,” another person said.

Residents we spoke with in the Southwest Philadelphia neighborhood were happy to hear the group’s message echo throughout their streets.

“I appreciate seeing them walking out here also supporting the cops and speaking their opinion about what’s going on as far as the violence in the neighborhood,” Terri Hatcher.

Just last Friday, two men targeted police and opened fire on three officers.

With police under attack across the country, Philadelphia police say it’s even more important now to let the community know they’re supported.

“It’s a calling. So we show up every day to do our jobs because we’re professionals. We really care what happens,” said Philadelphia Police Capt. Scott Drissel.

Police are hoping peace walks that engage the community will help to somehow bridge the gap.

“We are not going to tolerate lawlessness and violence in this district and in this city,” said Capt. Drissel.

Tomorrow at noon, there will be a citywide Zoom call which will include city and state leaders to address the drug dealing and violence in Southwest Philadelphia.

Kimberly Davis