By Dan Koob

DELAWARE COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) — Two families coming together. A Delaware County couple is remembering their infant daughter with a special gesture that brightened another family’s day in a very sweet way.

A cupcake and a card is only half the story.

The “M” family anonymously purchased cupcakes on their daughter Lily’s heavenly birthday, gifted to Deb Cuoco’s daughter Alexandra. The two vowed to keep her name alive.

“When they sing happy birthday to her really got me,” Elyse Mazzola said.

Lily M is Lily Mazzola.

“She had suffered a fatal stroke so she was alive in utero, I always heard a heartbeat when I went to the doctor’s office and we don’t know when the stroke happened, Lily’s mother said.

(credit: CBS3)

She says Lily was essentially born brain dead. She was moved to a different hospital for treatment, separating Jay from his recovering wife.

“And I saw the scan of her brain and it became very apparent to me we were not taking our daughter home,” Jay Mazzola said.

The decision was made four days after her birth, Lily’s usable organs would be donated.

“She’s a little Wonder Woman. We even put a little cape. And they call it a hero walk,” Lily’s mother said. “And they put her little mask and her little cape and they push her down to the operating room.”

The Mazzola’s say Lily’s heart was given to a  young boy while her other usable organs donated for research.

Her memory is everywhere, in a book, in pictures, in a tattoo on her father’s arm and yes, cupcakes.

(credit: CBS3)

“We’re so grateful the cupcakes went to someone like Deb and Alexandra,” Jay Mazzola said.

“Thank you for doing what you did for our daughter who sang to her and we can you sing to her,” said Lily’s mother.

“You know what? That was 100% Alexandra’s idea,” said Deb Cuoco.

“She was a gift. So we want to continue to celebrate the fact that she was born,” Lily’s mother said.