By Natasha Brown

CAMDEN, N.J. (CBS) — Camden County gave an update on the new normal in education Wednesday, and concerns about COVID-19 are top of mind. The start of the fall semester at Camden County College means the campus is usually bustling with students. Like most colleges, the pandemic has changed everything.

“On any given day, maybe 20% of our student population is on campus, which allows us to more easily social distance, it allows us to keep class sizes down,” Camden County College President Don Borden said.

Borden says they’re complying with CDC guidelines, and they are in frequent communication with state health officials in case cases rise.

“We’ve had cases, but we have not had many,” he said. “When we’ve had them, we immediately contacted the Department of Health in the county. They take care of the tracing aspect of the process.”

Education officials in Camden County gave an update on their COVID-19 responses with public schools now back in session, both in a hybrid and remote learning setting.

“The school districts are still working out the regular day-to-day kinks,” Interim Executive County Superintendent Dr. Lovell Pugh-Bassett said. “Dealing with issues around technology accessibility, dealing with issues of staffing, making sure there’s coverage for classes, busing for those districts that are still working in a hybrid environment.”

While those in primary, secondary and higher education navigate the era of educating within a health crisis, Camden County officials say they’re taking it one day, one case at a time as they tweak their learning programs.

“We have to be prepared in case we go fully remote again should the numbers go up and people get deathly ill and our priority is going to be on everybody’s safety,” Borden said.