By Alexandria Hoff

CONCORD TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — In Delaware County, a construction company came to the rescue of a dog trapped in a pipe. Trixie is a good old girl, emphasis on old. At nearly 15, she’s blind and hard of hearing.

“I started doing my normal thing looking for her and I couldn’t find her,” Trixie’s owner, Kathie Iannuzzi said.

After hearing Trixie’s cries Monday morning, it became apparent that the Wheaton terrier had slipped through the fence of her Concord Township home and was now stuck 50 feet into a 15-inch wide drainage pipe.

(credit: CBS3)

After receiving a call from Concord Township, MOR Construction arrived on scene with a very special tool in hand.

MOR Construction invested in CCT equipment with a robotic camera just about three months ago. Typically it would be used for pipeline inspection, but on this day camera operator Bob Marker had a different task.

“Obviously, the dog was in distress,” Marker said.

After trying to nudge Trixie with the robotic camera, the decision was made to excavate.

“We had a really good idea of where she was at and we were able to locate her and then we knew where to dig,” Marker said.

So in came additional MOR equipment and way down they went, cutting a hole in the cement pipe, monitoring Trixie with the camera the whole time.

“When I was pulling her back out of the pipe she was kind of biting at the bar but as soon as I laid hands on her and pulled her out she just kind of melted against me,” Marker said.

Video of the emotional rescue shows just how much of a team effort it was.

“Everyone swarmed in to hose her off and she put her head on Bob’s shoulder knowing he was saving her so I think she did know,” Iannuzzi said.

Trixie certainly knows that she’s glad to be back above ground with that entrance to the pipe now securely covered.

Alexandria Hoff