By Natasha Brown

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Not only will the Philadelphia Eagles not have fans at Lincoln Financial Field but the Pittsburgh Steelers are also not allowed to fill the stands at their stadium. The commonwealth’s public health experts says Pennsylvania is just not ready to have fans in the stands.

When the Eagles take on the Los Angeles Rams at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday, Sept. 20, you won’t hear the roar of the crowd or even see the fans.

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On Friday, Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine doubled down on orders to not allow fans in the stands for the Eagles or Steelers home games. This comes as the state continues to try to contain the spread of the coronavirus and keep congregate settings to a minimum.

“There will not be fans for the Pittsburgh Steelers home games and the Philadelphia Eagles home games. We would need to see a substantial reduction in terms of the amount of community spread in Pennsylvania to consider changing the outdoor guidance,” Levine said. “So, things change, of course, in the future, we’re hoping for a vaccine and other measures. But at this point given the circumstances, we feel it is in the public’s best interest to not have fans at those football games.”

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While other states are allowing a certain amount of fans in their stadiums, Pennsylvania is holding steady on empty stadiums until there is a measurable downward shift in COVID-19 cases and or a vaccine.

This is still having a ripple effect, as you can imagine, on things around Lincoln Financial Field. Some of the restaurants around the stadium are pretty much empty, and they will be unless fans do decide to go there to take in the games.

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The economic effects on SEPTA are also being felt as well when it comes to mass transit. SEPTA says an average of 18,000 fans were using SEPTA, which was just last season during games, to get to the stadium. That will not be happening any time soon.