By Kimberly Davis

FAIRLESS HILLS, Pa. (CBS) — The pandemic is bringing some communities closer together. A Bucks County shop is tackling food insecurity.

One Bucks County business is doing its part to spread hope during the pandemic. If you’re hungry or in need, Slack’s Hoagie Shack says their doors are open.

They’re known for their hoagies, but now, Slack’s Hoagie Shack is also known for their giving.

“We have a couple homeless people that we’ve always interacted with. So we started thinking about them and we just said OK, so let’s do something about it.,” said Slack’s owner Melissa Cruz.

Cruz says in uncertain times, she knew that she would at least always have food, and wanted to give others that same peace of mind. Her sister, Jennifer Ayala, then created a sign that’s posted in the window at 110 Lincoln Highway in Fairless Hills.

“If you’re homeless or struggling because the quarantine has left our streets empty, you are not alone or forgotten. Knock on our door and ask for a manager. We will make you a meal and get you a care package, no questions asked,” reads the sign.

“Believe it or not, we’ve gotten a line of people reaching out that weren’t necessarily homeless, they were just struggling,” Ayala said.

And as a result of the message, it started a chain reaction of giving, and the mom-and-pop shop was able to collaborate with Bucks County Mutual Aid.

“This past Sunday, we were invited to their monthly serve for the first time so we made a bunch of food and gathered all of the donations we were able to purchase,” Cruz said.

In a time when things may seem dark, Slack’s Hoagie Shack is hoping to be a beacon of light.

“Were just one sign but there’s a lot more signs out there, there’s a lot more gestures out there, there’s a lot more love and compassion and hope,” Cruz said.

Kimberly Davis