By Kimberly Davis

CHERRY HILL, N.J. (CBS) — New Jersey restaurants will take another big step Friday on the road to recovery. They can once again welcome guests inside for dining.

Restaurants are excited about the reopening of indoor dining, but as restaurants prepare to reopen, Eyewitness News is hearing mixed reactions from customers.

It’s back by popular demand. After six long months, restaurants in New Jersey on Friday can serve customers indoors but it comes with stipulations.

“We used to keep the ambiance level,” Bistro di Marino assistant general manager David Reeves said. “We would pack us in here. We would try to get everybody in here having a great time. Now you see we have a whole lot of space to walk with here.”

It’s the same Bistro di Marino of Collingswood, but a more spacious dining experience.

New Jersey restaurants will be limited to 25% indoor capacity. Tables must be at least six feet apart and customers will be required to wear a mask unless they’re eating.

“I love indoor dining, especially on a night where it’s threatening thunderstorms,” Mike Dugan, of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, said.

It was a wet Thursday, but fortunately, the couple found some cover at Oasis Mexican Grill in Collingswood. But not everyone will be rushing to dine indoors again.

“Just being confided and air condition and things bouncing everywhere,” a patron said.

As Gov. Phil Murphy plans to reopen responsibly, diners are trusting the process.

“Majority of the restaurants are following the rules,” one patron said. “I haven’t seen none that haven’t yet.”

Indoor dining was originally supposed to resume in July but plans were postponed due to concerns about indoor dining and the spread of COVID-19.

Kimberly Davis