By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A man is dead and six others are injured after a crash involving multiple cars in Overbrook Park. It happened Tuesday on Haverford Avenue, where onlookers rushed to the scene to help the victims.

Police were searching for a woman driver who fled the scene of the wreck on foot. Police say they have identified the driver, who is a juvenile, and are not releasing her identity.

Eyewitnesses say she handed her children over to some people at the scene and then left.

The crash happened Tuesday when witnesses say one car racing down Haverford Avenue tried to cut off another. And it ended horribly.

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Heart-pounding moments on a Haverford Avenue sidewalk as people rushed to help a half-dozen people injured following a violent multi-car collision.

“One car tried to pass the other car and the other car wouldn’t let that car pass, T-boned it and slammed it right into those cars,” Overbrook Park resident JR Gaines said.

Eyewitnesses say the driver of one car tried to race around another at the intersection of Rhoads Street and Haverford Avenue when one lost control, plowing into parked cars, including one owned by a worker at a nearby day care.

“Going to the rent-a-car place to get another vehicle is nothing compared to what the family has to deal with. I’m just grateful to have another day,” one woman said.

Six people were hurt, including children. The driver of the silver Honda, 35-year-old Chad Grey, died on scene.

“He was a proud Jamaican and you could tell by his accent and always happy and upbeat, just a good guy,” said Wendell Holland.

If Holland looks familiar, he’s the season 36 winner of the CBS series “Survivor.” He’s also a local furniture designer. He and a friend shared shop space with Grey.

Holland says he saw Grey just this week.

“He has been fixing this car up and we’ve seen it go from messed up to this beautiful thing that he took so much pride in,” Holland said.

So when surveillance video showed that same silver Honda, his heart sank.

“It looked like he was going around another car and that’s obviously not something you’re supposed to do. And but another thing you’re not supposed to do, even if you are merging or anything, if someone is trying to go around you, you don’t speed up,” Holland said.

Holland says Grey was a proud father.

Witnesses say it appeared Grey was killed instantly.

“It was just devastating to watch it. We were actually inside and looking it out and it was just like, this is not real,” one witness said.

“If she would’ve put on brakes or stayed here, she probably would’ve not been in trouble, but she got out the car and walked down the street, deliberately leaving the scene of the crime in front of a bunch of witnesses. So, she’s in trouble,” Gaines said.

As for the juvenile driver, it’s unclear if or when she will be charged.

CBS3’s Joe Holden and Alexandria Hoff contributed to this report.