By Alexandria Hoff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A disturbing video showing a hit-and-run during a street race has Philadelphia police searching for answers. The woman who was hit is now fighting for her life and could be facing the amputation of her leg.

Police are looking for several people involved — three men who were in the car who hit her, the occupants of the other vehicle, and the driver of an unmarked tow truck.

Credit: CBS3

There is nothing fast or furious about what is left on North 3rd Street between Packer and Pattison Avenues in South Philadelphia — just a crude starting line and the twisted bits of a Dodge Charger laying in the trash.

Just minutes after midnight on Sunday, a large crowd filled the street to watch an illegal drag race. Suddenly, a white vehicle swerved out of control into parked cars and spectators.

A 45-year-old woman was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Police say three men inside the white vehicle fled the scene. Their car was towed by an unknown truck. A black vehicle fled as well.

For many, it’s another example of street entertainment gone too far, not unlike the large groups of illegal four-wheelers and dirt bikes that have an increased summertime presence on Philly’s streets.

“I could be sitting on my step or in a friend’s neighborhood, I see guys, 30 dirt bikes pass by,” Center City resident Dennis Nelson Jr. said.

On Friday, a 28-year-old, seen by witnesses doing wheelies, was critically injured after blowing through a stop sign and hitting a car, according to police.

“The way they ride it’s just ridiculous,” one man said.

In July, a 24-year-old man on a dirt bike was killed.

Police say it’s rare for officers to pursue four-wheelers and dirt bikes because high-speed chases largely violate city policy. Instead, investigators target places where the illegal vehicles are stored and confiscate them when possible.

Alexandria Hoff