By Alexandria Hoff

WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS) — Joe Biden will accept the Democratic presidential nomination at the Chase Center in Wilmington tonight.

Some supporters of President Donald Trump have arrived at the security perimeter here but did have to move back given that this is private property. In a way though, it gave this virtual convention more of a conventional feel.

Joe Biden To Formally Accept Democratic Presidential Nomination As DNC Wraps Up Thursday

As for the Chase Center, it has been decorated in lights and flags since the convention’s kickoff on Monday. The building has mostly only really served as a backdrop and a venue for Sen. Kamala Harris and tonight, Biden to speak live.

Also tonight, we are expecting to hear from former presidential candidates Andrew Yang and Pete Buttigieg, plus Sen. Tammy Baldwin and Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.

Much earlier in the day, supporters of President Trump, many not wearing masks, arrived at the Wilmington waterfront. About 100 or so people showed up, plus animated trucks showing video of Biden. There was even a banner plane. The group then marched to where they are now at the security barrier.

Alexandria Hoff