By Vittoria Woodill

GLENSIDE, Pa. (CBS) — This week’s Takeout With Tori is for dessert lovers. We’re taking you back in time to the Weldon Soda Fountain, where the flavor combinations are anything but ordinary.

What is playful and just oh-so-perfect during the summer? It’s ice cream, and when you’re craving the classics to the crazies, the Weldon Soda Fountain in Glenside has just what you’re looking for.

Their fresh flavors of homemade ice cream come with all kinds of flair, homemade waffle cones included.

For owners Benny Johnson and fiancee Rachel Tomaro, it was the business they never expected to own, but it became the business they would make their own.

While it was theirs, it also became the place the community could count on for that simple pleasure that would make troubles melt away, especially during COVID-19.

Watch the video above for the full “Takeout With Tori.”

Vittoria Woodill