By Dan Koob

MEDIA, Pa. (CBS) — The debate about whether to resume in-person learning and extracurricular activities amid the pandemic is happening all around the country. On Thursday, those in favor of physically reopening schools and playing sports gathered in Delaware County.

The kids are saying their voices are not being heard by Gov. Tom Wolf or by anyone in decision-making positions.

They want to get back into the classroom and to the playing field.

“For five months we have been shut down, we have listened, we have done everything our Pennsylvania governor has asked,” one attendee said. “We’ve decided today that this needs to end.”

Upset parents and players in Delco are giving the kids a chance to voice their opinion.

“You guys are like, ‘Oh it’s dangerous.’ Our point of view is yeah, it’s a little dangerous but you gotta come out your bubble sometime because you gotta be uncomfortable to get what you want to do,” senior running back Kamrin Vaughn said.

The rally outside the Delaware County Courthouse was organized by football parents and primarily consisted of football kids.

They say their opinion isn’t being taken seriously by the governor or decision-makers as schools and the PIAA try to figure the best way forward.

But these players say they are going back to their lives.

“It’s all kind of out of our control, which is the most disappointing thing. We’ve all done everything we can do to get to a certain point and now it’s kind of all being taken away from us,” senior offensive tackle Ryan Lane said.

Many players cited the loneliness of quarantine, the impact it’s had on their education and the social qualities of playing sports.

Some players have athletic scholarships that are up on the air at this point. They all say they understand the risks involved with playing football during this pandemic. They say they’re OK with it.