By Alecia Reid

TINICUM TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — A suspect is in custody for allegedly shooting a man with an assault rifle at a motel near the Philadelphia International Airport. The accused gunman tried to make a bold getaway but was caught in a nearby creek.

It all happened on the second floor of the Red Roof Inn in Tinicum Township. Shattered windows and bullet holes in the siding of the railing are remnants left behind.

Police say it all started with an argument between a man and woman in a rideshare vehicle. The woman jumped out on Lincoln Highway and ran away from her alleged boyfriend.

The driver continued to the Red Roof Inn, where the man had been living since losing his home in a fire four to five months ago.

Around 11 a.m., police say Stacey Woodley used an assault rifle to open fire on the victim.

“You see cops with all these guns and stuff, big guns. It was bad. It sounded like heavy gunfire, but it didn’t last long,” Denine Deveaux said.

Tinicum Township officials say the victim was shot in the leg and is expected to be OK.

The shooter fled the scene and in an attempt to get away, jumped into the Darby Creek along I-95. But a police marine unit scooped him out of the water and he was placed under arrest.

The suspect is currently in police custody. A weapon has also been recovered.

The police chief says they are still investigating the motive behind the shooting but early signs indicate it is possibly drug-related.