MEDIA, Pa. (CBS) — Some students believe no one is listening to them and that no one is asking them what they think should be done when it comes to school, sports, and other activities since they’re the ones affected. On Thursday in Delaware County, they’ll get their chance to make their voices heard.

Organizers say it’s time to hear from some of the voices who the decisions are affecting. On Thursday, Media is Rallying For The Kids.

“We hear a lot of adults arguing, yelling, and arguing about what should happen,” Rally For The Kids co-organizer Kevin Cage said. “But what we are not doing is listening to the kids.”

Organizers say it’s an opportunity for kids to be heard.

On Thursday, kids will be able to voice their opinions and concerns surrounding the COVID-19 decisions and how their lives have been impacted by the pandemic.

“Mostly around here, I don’t know about other places, but all of the decisions have been made by people who it’s not affecting as much as it will affect us,” 17-year-old Jeremy Lehmann said. “I really don’t think our opinions have been taken into account as much.”

That’s what the Rally For The Kids is meant to address.

Eyewitness News has been told the kids have been having football practice for the past two months with no issues and they want to continue to play, along with the option for in-person classes.

“I’ve been playing sports my whole life,” Jeremy said. “It’s just a part of my life and when it stopped, it was just kind of hard to find other ways to occupy my time.”

Teens say they’re OK if there are no fans in the stands this time around, but at least give them the opportunity to play.

“I hope that they at least take into consideration what we want, not just what they want,” Jeremy said.

Organizers say this is a public meeting and everyone is invited to come out. They say the rally will not be political. It will start at 4 p.m.

Kimberly Davis