YARDLEY, Pa. (CBS) — If you’re looking for another tasty option, a restaurant in Yardley is serving up the goods. In this week’s Takeout With Tori, we head to a restaurant that’s serving up a taste of the world.

If you want to eat your way around the world, look out for the Red House in Yardley, where a pit stop for takeout will take your tastebuds on one satisfying trip of scratch-made, smokey sandwiches, melts and specials that mark the spot on an ever-changing menu.

Owners Tim and Abby have known each other since culinary school and while their professional journeys took them on separate paths after graduation, later their paths would cross again in Yardley unexpectedly.

And when the world was turned upside down by COVID-19, they adapted their menu to bring people together for some good times.

Watch the video above for the full “Takeout With Tori.”

Vittoria Woodill