By Alecia Reid

MIDDLETOWN, Del. (CBS) — A total of five tornadoes touched down in our area Tuesday during the height of Tropical Storm Isaias, including one in Middletown, Delaware. A neighborhood there suffered some serious damage as homes had entire walls peeled away.

Wednesday’s sunny skies seem a bit deceiving after all the damage and debris leftover from Tuesday’s tornado.

“2020 has been something else,” Middletown resident Darryl Forte said.

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Fierce weather ripped homes apart Tuesday. Christina McConnell says she ignored the first tornado warning, but after the second alarm, she grabbed her sleeping children and ran.

“We heard the big gust of wind as we’re going into the basement and that’s when I knew something was going on and it wasn’t just a rainstorm,” McConnell said.

The young mother had no idea the side of their house was missing until the fire department came knocking, about to barrel through the front door to conduct a welfare check.

“We look outside and we see my son’s bedroom all scattered, just debris everywhere, just houses destroyed,” she said.

The toddler’s bed ended up in the neighbor’s yard. To think, he was taking a nap in it just moments before.

“If he was in there, he wouldn’t be here today,” McConnell said.

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Dad Michael McConnell had just returned to work after welcoming their newborn a few weeks ago.

“Yesterday was my first day back at work after paternity leave. I was only at work for an hour before this happened,” Michael McConnell said.

There’s one thing neighbors dealing with damage have in common with McConnells.

“I’m thankful that everybody is OK. The material things can be replaced,” Forte said.

A lot of people have been waiting to volunteer their time and effort to clean up.

Meanwhile, it’s a waiting game as adjusters continue to come out to check on damages throughout the neighborhood.